Advanced features drive deeper engagement with Moments format

Mobile moments advanced features

Native advertising continues to grow, making up nearly 60 percent of all digital display spending last year, a 10 percent increase over 2017.¹ That is why at Verizon Media, we continue to innovate on different native features and formats to offer advertisers powerful new options.

In addition to expanding our native supply, we're committed to providing seamless and more engaging ad experiences for consumers -- a commitment that has served as the foundation of our full-screen native format Moments, available through the Verizon Media Ad Platform. Since launch, Moments has seen terrific momentum, with over 800 campaigns, an expansion into takeovers, and ranking first with polled consumers in likeability, brand clarity, and other key brand KPIs.

Today, we're building on that success and rolling out an advanced suite of features within Moments, including some of our most well-known and requested solutions: Carousel, Panorama, Dynamic Product Ads, and Countdown. We'll also be adding two entirely new features, Touchpoints and Playable, which add unique e-commerce and gaming functionality, respectively.

The advanced feature suite includes:

  • Touchpoints allows brands to create an instant shoppable catalog experience enabling users to learn more about individual items or parts of an ad by tapping on pins. Verizon Media advertisers have seen a 23% lift in ROAS and 35% increase in CTR over standard native static ads using the new feature.

360 Touchpoint Moments

  • Playable enables brands to launch an instant interactive preview of their game with no install required. With an entertaining user experience, the feature encourages high-intent users to engage with the content. Across the industry, gaming developers have seen anywhere from a 2-4x conversion rate using this feature versus static full-screen interstitial ads.²

Playable Moments GIF v2

  • Carousel allows marketers to generate an instant carousel storefront to feature multiple products or to tell a story through multiple cards. Verizon Media advertisers are seeing great results with this feature and have enjoyed 3x site visits and a 5x more efficient CPL with standard carousel ads versus native static ads.

Carousel Moments GIF

  • Panorama invites users into an immersive, 360-degree interactive experience that showcases the complete picture in a way that today's mobile users expect. Verizon Media ads with this 360-degree functionality experienced nearly 2x higher interaction time than standard interactive ads without the feature.

Panorama Moments GIF

  • Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) allows brands to recapture the attention of users who have shown interest in products with a full-screen carousel experience and bring them back to their shopping carts. Verizon Media advertisers using DPA within Moments have seen a 50% lift in ROAS over standard DPA campaigns.

Dynamic Moments

  • Countdown adds a timer to full-screen ads to increase urgency and conversion - a tool that's especially useful with flash sales and daily deals that are easily becoming e-commerce staples. For standard (non-full-screen) countdown ads versus static native ads, Verizon Media advertisers enjoy a 170-290% CTR lift.

Countdown Moments GIF

At Verizon Media, we're excited to continue building the future of mobile and video advertising and we're partnering with some of the world's top brands to explore these innovative new formats. To get started, contact your Verizon Media account rep today or contact us to learn more.

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² Chartboost