Premium Integrations

Trust Yahoo Sports to deliver a winning content play this football season

Marinn Jackson, Head of Premium Sales & Strategy, Verizon Media

Football player taking a break on his mobile phone

As a trusted and leading source of football content, Yahoo Sports gets advertiser’s messages heard. Put your brand in the game by integrating into sports content fans care about most.

Yahoo Sports fires up football fans and creates unprecedented sports experiences on mobile. Whether you are following favorite teams, playing our fantasy games, engaging with our original content, or watching live games on our app, our goal is simple—make Yahoo Sports the digital arena fans flock to for all their sports action. Our fans come to Yahoo Sports with intention and we serve them both entertainment and utility.

Yahoo Sports, the mobile home of the NFL

Verizon Media and Yahoo Sports are shaping the future of sports and fandom on mobile by offering live NFL streaming for free on mobile, our fans don’t need to log-in to a cable operator in order to watch. Yahoo Sports is the mobile home of the NFL, featuring the most immersive football experience for fans on mobile including live local and primetime NFL live games, fantasy, scores, stats and original content. This makes the viewing experience easy for all users: just download the Yahoo Sports app and watch anywhere you are.

As an advertiser, you have unparalleled access to an engaged audience at scale. Verizon Media reaches 1 in 4 users in the U.S. each month, and 88% of Yahoo Sports users are interested in streaming football games to their mobile device.1

Graphic: 80% of Yahoo Sports users watch at least one professional football game per week.

Yahoo Sports offers reach and measurable data you can’t get through a traditional broadcast. It’s a mobile experience that fans crave and that’s more addictive than the traditional broadcast viewing environment. 

Premium, trusted sports content built for brand safety 

Consumer trust in marketers, media publishers, and social platforms has slowly eroded in recent years, placing even more importance on brand safety for advertisers. Message context matters, and finding the right environment within premium content can be difficult. 

Verizon Media is building to the industry's most brand-safe solutions that deliver your message within content experiences users trust. Our fans agree—more than 93% of users associate Trust with Yahoo Sports, up 41% from a year ago.

Graphic: 93% of users associate "Trust" with Yahoo Sports

We know how to compellingly engage our audience. An overwhelming 95% of Verizon Media users think Yahoo Sports has quality content that they find entertaining, relevant, reliable, and trustworthy.1 Being in a premium environment pays off. Brands appearing alongside Verizon Media content had 5x the favorability compared to when placed adjacent to low-quality video.2 

We can create custom opportunities for brands to integrate into experiences. Pizza Hut, an official partner of the NFL and a key partner for Verizon Media, recently leveraged branded videos during the NFL draft to tell the story of top prospects in the lead-up to the big day.

Verizon Media advertisers can trust in the premium sports content our brands create and our dedication to innovating new and exciting consumer experiences. Contact us today to find out how you can kick-off your next campaign.


1 Verizon Media, Trusted Brands and Quality Content Study, 2019
2 Verizon Media, Halo Study, 2017