Real-time rendering helps brands try on innovation in fashion and beyond

Moda digital en tiempo real

When you have the ability to render the present in real-time, the possibilities for the future are endless. Industries from engineering to healthcare to film will soon be able to create fully interactive, virtual brand experiences that can be altered in an instant thanks to incredible advancements in computer graphics and processing power.

RYOT, Verizon Media’s Emmy Award®-winning immersive storytelling production house, recently sat down with London College of Fashion’s Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) to explore the nascent world of real-time digital fashion. This short video series showcases the potential of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine in rendering extremely accurate living environments that react to user input with no noticeable delay.

The technology behind this experiment has traditionally been used in the development of video games, but the proliferation of 5G and AR/VR headsets has made real-time rendering relevant for brands in many different contexts. 

In this series, the team explores a rendered outdoor environment showcasing garments created by London College of Fashion graduate, Ashwini Deshpande. Aspects including the digital garments, lighting, camera angle, and the motion of the avatar, can be controlled in real-time by the press of a button, offering a high level of flexibility and dynamism to the experience.

Throughout the series we discuss the applications of this technology within, from virtual production to real-time collaboration, as well as discussing how the environment was created. 

This is the second collaboration between RYOT and the FIA, following the launch of The Fabric of Reality, a fully-immersive fashion show in partnership with Kaleidoscope and the Museum of Other Realities multiplayer VR platform. Launched last 29th July, the exhibition will continue until next summer and is available through premium virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive Cosmos or Pro.

Yahoo Ryot Lab (formerly known as RYOT) announced it will be the official Innovation Partner for IMG’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW): The Shows. As the Innovation Partner for 2021 and the first and only 5G production studio in the country, Yahoo Ryot Lab will work closely with IMG and leading fashion designers to create extended reality content experiences that add a multi-dimensional lens to their collections and presentations throughout the year.