Advertising Week Europe 2019


Advertising Week Europe 2019 promises to be a year of industry-defining conversation, as the advertising and creative worlds discuss the future of the industry, amongst continued debate around issues of trust and transparency and how continued political uncertainty will shape our future.

Join us this year on stage as we lead the conversation on trust and innovation in the industry. Find out where to catch up across the week below.

Our sessions:

In Conversation with HuffPost's Lydia Polgreen and Sadiq Khan
Tuesday 19th 4:15PM
Lydia Polgreen, Editor-in-chief, HuffPost
Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Storytellers - who's ready for 5G?
Wednesday 20th 3:10PM
Mark Melling, Head of RYOT Studio EMEA, Verizon Media

On panels across the week:

The Intersection of Creativity and Artificial Intelligence
Monday 18th 2:30PM
David Shing, Digital Prophet

The Things I Wish I Knew
Tuesday 19th, 10:20AM
Anna Watkins, Managing Director, UK

Automation 2020
Tuesday 19th March 4:30PM
Simon Halstead, Head of Open Demand EMEA

A New Marketing Landscape Requires A New Agency Model
Wednesday 20th, 10:30AM
Stuart Flint, VP, EMEA

Winning Back Consumer Confidence
Wednesday 20th 2:20PM
Anna Watkins, Managing Director, UK

Human Marketing
Wednesday 20th March, 1:20PM
Mick Loizou Michail, Director, Product Marketing

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