CREATIVITY FOR GOOD Carpets Against Domestic Violence

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With the overwhelming number of cases and deaths in the world, it is difficult to associate COVID-19 with anything beautiful and positive. That's precisely what the visual artist and designer Phillip Stearns has done by creating a series of carpets with prints inspired by the genome of the new coronavirus, did. 


The products are part of the SARS-COV-2 Collection project, which donates 20% of the sales to the National Domestic Violence Hotline program – a free telephone service that offers guidance and support to victims of domestic violence, and is available in over 200 languages. 


This issue inspired Stearns' work because of the growing number of domestic violence cases due to social isolation and job losses triggered by the pandemic. 


For many people, spending more time at home resulted in more assaults, as shown by data from United Nations: in France, there was a 30% increase in domestic violence registered after the lockdown in March; in Argentina, the number of emergency calls related to domestic violence increased 25% during the pandemic.