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Verizon Media and Corsodyl Toothpaste Launch New Podcast 'Deal With It'

Deal With It Podcast cover

Verizon Media’s RYOT Studio, in association with Corsodyl Toothpaste (GSK) and Publicis UK, today released the brand new podcast ‘Deal With It’ - a humorous four-part series that boldly addresses some of life's trickiest subjects like sex, finance, relationships and ageing. 

Hosted by comedian Ellie Taylor, the podcast series will encourage listeners to face up to and not shy away from topics that can be anxiety-inducing or easier to leave unaddressed. Over 4X 30 minute episodes with expert guests, the series will offer positive, practical solutions to those all important issues we often choose to ignore.

The podcast will also be supported with articles on HuffPost Life, offering deeper dives into the series’ themes with targeted display and native placements, social-media and programmatic audio ads via the Verizon Media Ad Platform. In addition to hosting the podcast series, ACAST will also produce 'Sponsored Reads' on the Emma Gunn Show, Katherine Ryan and Standard Issue podcasts to drive awareness

Corsodyl Senior Brand Manager Colm Casey said of the series: “I am really proud to bring our new podcast to the ears of the UK & Ireland, entertaining our target audience and educating listeners on the value of Corsodyl Toothpaste.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Verizon Media's RYOT Studio, with our partners at Publicis UK, to develop this content. They immediately understood the message we were trying to land, the tone of voice of the brand, and addressed all challenges we faced with creativity and speed.

While gum disease is an important topic to speak about, it is not necessarily the most glamourous. Through the humour and entertainment on offer, 'Deal with It' will bring our brands message to a thoroughly engaged audience.”

Episode 1 of ‘Deal With It’ is live now on all streaming platforms.