Why your brand should get out more: 13 use cases you should be considering for Digital OOH

Alkistis Chatzidimitriou

DOOH screen in Waterloo

The 2019 State of Out of Home report by MAGNA / Rapport proclaimed OOH as the only traditional media segment experiencing consistent revenue growth. A major driver has been the boom in Digital OOH, with ad spend growing by 16% YoY in the last five years.

Advertisers are already starting to come to grips with the realities of DOOH, but until the new medium has managed to crystallise its place in brands’ cross-channel strategies, here is a handy reminder of our top 13 use cases where DOOH should absolutely get a seat at the marketing table.

  1. To use dynamic creative triggers to your advantage, including weather, day parting, demographic, POI or other location-based data to deliver targeted messaging at scale.

  2. To leverage contextual relevance, beyond just a means of targeting, to connect your creative to the location - a branding opportunity not just for retail advertisers, but also quick-service restaurants, entertainment and travel (airports, train stations and bus shelters are prime DOOH locations, after all).

  3. To take advantage of the ‘Last window of influence’, the 30min prior to purchase, where outdoor is the medium most seen by consumers according to an Outsmart study of UK shoppers.

  4. If you want to reach cord-cutters and those who consistently use ad blockers (hello, Millennials!) 

  5. To augment experiential campaigns with high-impact, hyper-targeted outdoor creative (AR/VR, interactive events)

  6. If short term sales are a priority, A 2018 Rapport study from analysing IPA Databank case studies found a +47% uplift in sales activation amongst OOH power-users compared to brands not leveraging the channel.

  7. To make the rest of your media spend work harder - outdoor is proven to amplify the effects of other media channels, online and offline, by up to +54%.

  8. If maximising ROI is key. A 2019 econometric study measured that DOOH delivers an incremental return on investment of 46p for every £1 spent, as reported in The Drum

  9. If high viewability is essential for your campaign’s success.

  10. If you want to ensure 100% SOV to maximise the impact of your message.

  11. If brand safety is a concern, or if guaranteed 0% fraud is important.

  12. Even if you don’t yet have the creative. The Verizon Media ACT team will partner with you to design and create assets based on your direction or resize your existing assets to showcase your brand for DOOH screens.

  13. To start building up your brand learnings for the future. Once DOOH media has reached mainstream levels of adoption, consumers will expect your brand to know exactly how to engage them in this new medium, so start learning and optimising today.

Verizon Media DSP users can now plan and book DOOH slots alongside the rest of their digital activity and access outdoor inventory from a growing list of media owners - including our partnership with JCDecaux / VIOOH. This integration expands our DSP’s digital OOH reach and adds to the range of programmatic campaigns we can offer across media channels.

Interested in seeing what DOOH can do for your brand? Get in touch with your Verizon Media rep or reach us on info-uk@verizonmedia.com