Content Understanding

Make the most of a moment

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To build meaningful connections with people, marketers need to shift the focus from what content is consumed online to why consumers choose it. By taking a deep look into the motivations and emotions driving content consumption, marketers will be better equipped to align with people's true intentions vs. their fleeting attention.

In 2016, we began the conversation with a study to understand why and how people consume content online. We recently replicated this study and have identified the 8 key moments - or intentions - that drive online content consumption. Inspire and Delight were the most common content moments, followed by Find, Connect, Observe, Entertain, Inform, and finally Comfort. In all, we analysed 118.5k online content occasions from 60k consumers in 15 markets across the globe to help marketers better understand what drives consumer content consumption. Take a look to better understand what drives your audience.

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