Case study: Philips' 'Air Purifier' native ad

Family sitting a living room with Philips air purifier

The below campaign was created in partnership with Philips and agency Amplifi in 2015. All results shared below are correct as of December 2019.



The primary goal for Philips was to reach people who had allergies or asthma at the moment when they are suffering the most. The client needed an ad-unit that would engage and educate those users on how Philips could improve their quality of life by using their air purifying product. Crucially, the format had to be mobile-first in order to reach consumers where they spend the majority of their time researching and consuming content.


Unified ad solutions.

The native tiles format was the ideal solution as it was able to make use of the strong 360° image and video content Philips already had to create an engaging ad unit for mobile.

Verizon Media worked with the client’s in-house creative ad tech team to build, support and scale this mobile ad campaign that both engaged and informed consumers.


GIF of Philips native ad


Better business outcomes.

Over the course of the campaign, we carried out A/B testing to highlight changes that could be made to improve campaign metrics, including refining the position of the video deeper within the ad unit to increase engagement. Check out the key outcomes delivered for the client below.

Results from Philips native ad campaign

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