RYOT Studio hit IAB Nonference with extended-reality tech

When it comes to getting your story well-heard, not just well-told, RYOT Studio is the perfect partner - with expertise in building emotional connections with consumers utilising extended-reality tech (check our recent HP campaign for example).

Consumers are 40% more likely to buy a product if they've had the chance to experience it through augmented reality, showing that utilising new technology isn't just fun to play with, but delivers greater commercial potential when used correctly.

As part of the IAB's first-ever Nonference, RYOT Studio brought it's extended-reality expertise to the masses, showcasing examples from across virtual-reality (RYOT Film's 'Dinner Party'), augmented-reality ('Black is the New Black') and mixed-reality ('Tale of Time'). Attendees were also given a zero-to-hero introduction to the tech and how best to approach advertisers and clients looking to experiment and innovate.

Check out our video recap below and visit www.ryotstudio.co.uk or email uk@ryotstudio.com to get in touch.