Case study: Helping users find love with 'Tinder'

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The campaign ran from the 31st December 2018 to March 31st 2019 in partnership with Mediacom. All results shared below are correct as of April 2020.


Tinder wanted to help singles find love and spread the message that they help to create relationships, targeting first time and lapsed users to encourage them to download or re-engage with their popular dating app. 


Diverse Insights.

Tinder had a very clear and perhaps obvious target audience in mind for users of their app - single people. 

Through a GlobalWebIndex (GWI) survey, we found that 76% of singles identified had visited a Verizon Media site in the four weeks prior to the campaign's target duration.

We also identified that Verizon Media visitors were 17% more likely to have used an online dating service / app in the last month, and were also 24% more likely than average to have used the Tinder app. 

(source: GWI UK Q2 2018)


Unified ad solutions.

Tinder had pre-existing creative they wanted to run across our network. Using Verizon Media’s unique, first-party data sets including content consumption and search activity, we were able to build an accurate audience to reach singles looking for dates.

Then utilising our powerful ad platform, we distributed the two video creatives across pre-roll and native formats on the Verizon Media network.


Better business outcomes.

The campaign delivered 1.1M unique views for the videos ran through our DSP, with 12.5M native impressions and a massive 2M 100% video completes.

Those who were exposed to the campaign showed increased intent to use the Tinder app by a significant +6.6%. Females exposed to the campaign also showed significant increases in agreement with the statements: ‘Tinder is a brand that sets trends / leads the way in its category’ (+11%) and ‘Tinder is a brand that consistently delivers the best experience’ (+12.3%).

Tinder campaign results

Let’s hope the results for singles finding love was as positive as the campaign was for Tinder!

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