Yahoo Presents video series

For quite a few years now, online video content has been a primary focus for brand marketing and original content distribution. And, Oath is no different. Our 'Yahoo Presents' campaign is an oath in itself. It's a promise to our users and a commitment to producing meaningful content worth staying around for. This campaign demonstrates that we can create truly original, high quality content that works both editorialy and commercially. All of Oath's brands have storytelling at their core so that was something we wanted to celebrate with these amazing biographies.

We don't stay loyal to a brand for app features alone. So, it was important to remind people what was behind the great stories they read on Yahoo Sport or Yahoo Finance; the people themselves. With that in mind, we set out to find truly inspiring entrepreneurs and sports fans to tell their personal stories of what their business, team or sport really means to them.

Sport is such an emotive experience that stories can span different nations, cultures and sports and still maintain relevance for anyone that has experienced sport on any level. The ups and the downs of league football. The drama of seeing England squeeze through (hopefully) the group stages of the World Cup. Or, the feeling of community that comes with events such as the Olympics. Ultimately, these videos are intended to evoke the emotions that connect us to the sports we love and by affiliation, the brands involved too. Sport is open and accessible for everyone, so sport brands should be too. Ultimately, the fans come first!

The world of Finance on the other hand, is one that can seem elitist and exclusive. There's a lot of jargon, a lot of data and seemingly, a lot of diversity issues within the industry. These videos look to challenge all of those preconceptions. Yahoo Finance celebrates businesses born out of great ideas and difficult life events. From 3D printing children's orthotics to predicting future trends with social listening, these stories demonstrate that all familiar relatability through their true, human lead narrative.

As the innovators and protectors of brands, we have a responsibility to provide meaningful content for our users and I can proudly say that's what we've done here. Take a look and watch a few of the videos below and share with #YahooPresents.

The 12th Man
The story of Iceland's football fan club, The Tólfan, famous for the Viking Thunderclap chant as told by lead drummer, Jóhann D Bianco.

Side Before Self
Gary Edwards, a Leeds Utd fan who has not missed a game anywhere in the world since 1968. He even turned down a shot at a professional contract himself!

Outside the Cage
Kristie Raby, a MMA super-fan who fights herself and regularly stays awake until 3am to watch UFC.

Predicting the Future
Steve King, CEO and Co-Founder of Black Swan which uses social listening AI to predict future trends for sales, marketing and more.

Modernising Money Transfer
Marta Krupinska, Co-Founder of Azimo, left home as a teenager to make money in a stronger currency and solved the issue of fees when sending money back home by starting her own low-cost, transfer company.

Freedom in 3D
Naveed and Samiya Parvez, Co-Founders of Andiamo, 3D scan and then 3D print orthotics for children in need of support such as a back brace. They deliver these within weeks compared to months or years via traditional routes, giving children the freedom to be just that.

Gareth Nicholas
Creative Marketing Manager