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Verizon Media Academy is our way of giving back to the industry by building the future leaders of tomorrow.

Attendees experience a jam-packed agenda featuring world-class speakers, mentoring, networking, exclusive access to industry events and a competitive pitch-off with the winners flown to Advertising Week NYC!

When COVID-19 hit we adapted the second annual Verizon Media Academy into a virtual masterclass series and opened them up to the whole industry, for free.

These workshops feature different experts sharing timely advice on everything from connecting, mental health and building brand you in the ‘new world’ we’re living in.

This podcast series picks out the highlights from selected sessions, and features a few juicy bonus episodes too!




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Season 1

Episode 1: Arianna Huffington’s microsteps to beat burnout
Arianna Huffington is on a mission to help us all beat burnout. She stepped down from her role as editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post in 2016 to launch Thrive Global, working with companies to beat the mental health crisis in the workforce. In this interview with Yahoo Finance Australia’s Sarah O’Carroll, Arianna offers practical advice on building mental resilience, including the daily microsteps you can take to form healthy habits to thrive at work and home. Plus how business leaders can create a happy and productive company culture by encouraging honesty and a “no brilliant jerks” policy.

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Episode 2: Balancing the blurred boundaries of work and life
The way we work has changed forever. Our long commutes are now a few steps across the hallway, and pants are quite often optional. But with this convenience comes a counter-balance which is the blurring of the boundaries between work and home life. Dividing the two has never been more complicated. Executive coach Leigh Morrison, founder of Australia-based Be. Coaching, gives you ways to optimise your arrangements and take the best of both worlds into the next age of work and life.

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Episode 3: Creating collaborative teams remotely
People are social animals. So while there are many benefits, the entire workforce working from home is posing new and unexplored challenges. In particular how we build and maintain crucial relationships with our colleagues and clients without that face-to-face interaction. Discover how successful managers and teams are leveraging technology, creativity and some good old-fashioned psychology to overcome these challenges and build stronger ways of working remotely with Chloe Hamman, Director People Science at Culture Amp.

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Episode 4: Leadership strategist Nicole Hatherly on leveraging an innovative mindset to turn challenges into opportunities

Launches October 27

Episode 5: The AFL’s Dr Kate Hall on building mental fitness like an elite athlete.

Launches November 3


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