Verizon Media launches New Zealand’s first programmatic digital out-of-home campaign via omni-channel DSP

Briscoes first prDOOH campaign by Verizon Media

Auckland - Tuesday October 13 2020:  Verizon Media has launched the very first programmatic DOOH campaign in New Zealand for major retail chain Briscoes Group.

In partnership with independent advertising agency Stanley St, the campaign is specifically targeted to link up a Briscoes brand campaign across nationwide digital screens near stores to provide hyper-targeted advertising, the first of its kind in Aotearoa. 

With inventory across Lumo Digital Outdoor and Val Morgan Network countrywide networks, this is the first campaign to roll out of Verizon Media’s new programmatic DOOH offering which sits within the tech giant’s omni-channel DSP.  It comes off the back of new partnership deals the business has secured with the DOOH partners in New Zealand. 

Arnaud Calonne, NZ Sales Director at Verizon Media , says they are pleased to be leading the charge of introducing this programmatic offering into New Zealand. 

“Extending programmatic’s powerful offering to DOOH means advertisers can now be a lot more agile and deliver much more relevant messaging quicker to the right audiences, at the right time.

“We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this offering in New Zealand and helping advertisers maximise their advertising investment.”

Nikhil Elayat, Head of Advertising Technology at Stanley St, says this new offering puts immense power in the hands of the agencies and advertisers, who can now make omnichannel, data-driven decisions and optimise their media goals in real-time. 

“Programmatic has always offered buyers unprecedented control over their digital media buys. The integration of programmatic technology into the DOOH eco-system via an omnichannel DSP allows for seamless planning, execution, and reporting across display, video, native, and DOOH in a centralised platform. We’re wrapped to be working alongside Verizon Media to be building the foundation for local DOOH pioneers.

“There’s always been an abundance of data within the programmatic ecosystem so to be able to transpire this data into DOOH buying decisions is not only exciting but a step in the right direction towards omnichannel tracking and attribution. Advertisers will now be able to leverage the power of data and smarter targeting all the way from high-impact one-to-many mediums through to one-to-one mediums such as smartphones, tablets, and other personal devices.”

He also added  Briscoes were the perfect partner for the agency to experiment with this new offering.

"Briscoes are constantly working on optimising their digital strategy and the programmatic DOOH opportunity was a perfect fit to support their existing high impact executions."

“VMO has made programmatic a business priority and we are excited to bring this capability to New Zealand where there has been so much interest shown by the market,” Paul Butler, Managing Director VMO added.

“The ability to deliver these audiences via programmatic exchanges offers clear benefits to advertisers seeking access to premium inventory. Advertisers have the flexibility to up-weight, down-weight, pause, or stop campaign activity in real-time with the option to adjust campaign targeting or update their creative.”

Phil Clemas, CEO of Lumo Outdoor says this new offering and campaign was innovative, fun, and needed first for the market. 

“We need to see more DOOH ideas like this come to life on our screens. Hopefully, this digital campaign idea will inspire other creatives to take advantage of the many attributes DOOH can offer.”