The 5G Revolution: Excitement builds for advertisers and consumers

Mason Ng, VP of Product Management Edge and Cloud Computing, Verizon Media

Verizon Media’s VP of Product Management Edge and Cloud Computing Mason Ng compares 5G to the steam engine and the industrial revolution. 

“5G will transform our daily lives that we know of today. In the 80s we have mobile phones that looked like thermos. With 2G came text and SMS, and 3G you can get stocks and any information you want on the mobile. Today in 4G we are able to do live streaming on our devices while chatting and Face-timing. 5G will increase all of that content consumption but with better and faster quality.” 

Moving at 1GB per second, 5G promises 10-fold in speed and density while its latency reduces by double. It’ll also be able to support 100 times more data volume. This means users would soon be able to download a two-hour movie within minutes, enjoy 4K and 8K videos and immersive experiences across all devices – not just smartphones, but on the entire Internet of things including seamless connections between and in homes, cars and even our fridges. Moreover, AI will finally be possible. Statistically, these are what our audiences crave: currently 73% of users stream video at least once a week – 18- to 34-year-olds the highest with 43% stream daily. Augmented reality, meanwhile is thought to benefit from 5G, according to 85% of users. 

“In the world of 5G, Verizon Media has epitomized compelling content innovation for consumers,” he said. “From a business angle, consumers can use our applications and expect a much faster response and enriched content. We’re very excited about this technology as it’s becoming very real.”