5G: The Age of Humans

Mark Melling, Head of RYOT Studio EMEA

For Verizon Media’s Head of RYOT Studio EMEA Mark Melling, 5G is not just about new technologies but about fitting our existing technologies with superpowers. 

For instance, though its key ingredients of P2P payment, GPS and mobile transfer all existed in the 3G world, Uber is an invention of 4G as “3G wasn’t powerful enough to bring all of those services together in real time,” he said. Likewise with Netflix – which started as a web-based movie rental business – leveraged on the power of 4G speed to achieve today’s success.

As an “experience creator” with three nominations under its belt, RYOT has been at the forefront of using technology to tell stories. With the dawn of 5G, opportunity to do so has just grown immensely, said Melling: “imagine ecommerce in a sports stadium, social interaction and video replays in between games – all of which aren’t new technology but are rather made possible altogether with the help of instantaneousness”. 

For RYOT, specifically, this means it’ll refocus on key areas like documentary films and branded content with an edge on immersive experiences – VR and AR – among other cutting-edge technology.  

Though latency may not seem like a big deal to most, its twofold-reduction compared to 4G opens up the potential for computerized cars as well as console-free games that span the entire world. Fortnite, for instance, is already a trail blazer in this realm after it invited musician Marshmello to its first live “digital” concert. In the real world, meanwhile, some hospitals have already begun leveraging on 3D imaging prior to important surgeries. 

Speeding up creativity also opens up opportunities for the permeation of digital avatars – which currently take weeks to produce – into mainstream media, such as using them as news anchors or bloggers. E-commerce will also be portrayed differently: no longer are catalogues two-dimensional and static, but interactive and augmented. 

“We are living in a dramatic time, and this is a dramatic technology. As a human using technology, I do admit it scares me a bit. But as a marketer and content producer, this also excites and inspires me,” he said. “When we are scared sometimes it brings out the best of us. In this case, it’s going to help us build a better world.”