Introducing Yahoo HK's first virtual character and the future of content commerce

Lorraine Cheung, Verizon Media Hong Kong’s Head of Audience

What kind of character talks, is gadgets-crazed and can shoot pink hearts from its eyes? Answer: Yahoo Hong Kong’s latest avatar, Yahwoo – a jean-overalls-and-glasses wearing character who could been seen in a range of Yahoo TV’s programmes like Lunch K, Quiz Shows, Engadget Smart Living segments, Yahoo Finance, as well as offline events. 

At the “Hong Kong Growth Summit: Future Marketing for Better Life”, Yahwoo and Verizon Media Hong Kong’s Head of Audience Lorraine Cheung unveiled Yahoo Polls and the latest Yahoo App to the audience. 

To better showcase this, Cheung invited the audience to vote on Yahoo Polls whether they will be going for vacation during Christmas this year. Results came back immediately, and surprisingly, many said no. Fun aside, it’s a function Yahoo Hong Kong hopes to use to improve its offerings via real-time response from its audience.

On the other hand, the latest Yahoo App now includes a never-before-seen shopping experience that is seamlessly linked with editorial content and deals. A new reward ecosystem also allows Yahoo users to earn points by completing missions like polls and online activities or just by going about their daily routine like reading the news. 

These points can redeem actual gifts: Yahwoo suggested his favourite, Chinese preserved sausages for 1000 points among other coupons for food, attractions and shopping. 

“For example, you see a certain dress on a celebrity you’re interested in and a link to the ecommerce platform would appear along with a price-comparison function,” said Cheung. “Or our editorial would suggest different cuisines and foods to pair with seasonal mooncakes. We’ll match the messages to the right audience, whether they prefer only news on foods or home ware or everything under the sun. ” 

Yahoo Mail is also revamped: messages will be better categorised for efficient reading and information access. Aesthetically, users can customise the colour template, layout and shortcuts. Got annoying newsletters? It’s one tap to unsubscribe – all in one view – and users can also integrate emails from other servers and filter emails from contacts so the content is completely tailored to your liking.

To showoff its new features and to introduce Yahwoo to more friends in Hong Kong, Cheung asked the audience to send an email to Yahwoo’s Ymail account – the first one to do so was awarded with a HKD1,000 Yahoo eCommerce shopping coupon.