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Amidst COVID-19, in Yahoo we trust

Amidst COVID-19, in Yahoo we trust

2020 is a challenging year: we’ve forgotten what outdoor air tastes like without a mask plastered to our faces; the skin on our hands are dry from repeated washing and alcoholic hand sanitizers; and going out becomes a leap of courage.

Compared to SARS 17 years ago, the widespread of fake news online and on social media channels during this COVID-19 era caused worse mass hysteria especially evident in panic-buys of toilet paper and masks. As such, Yahoo HK’s editorial team vowed to plough through all the misinformed, non-fact checked news and offer only what’s truly authentic, so users can stay abreast the situation via live news, in-depth interviews, feature stories as well as participate in Yahoo polls to express their opinions on Hong Kong’s leading media platform. And judging from the exponential increase of traffic in the past 13 weeks, users seem to appreciate what we’ve done.

Yahoo Network Traffic (Dec 2019 – Feb 2020)



Yahoo News COVID-19 Content Hub: Information is Power
Yahoo HK has launched COVID-19 Content Hub「肺炎疫情」專頁 comprising timely hard news, softer video features, helpful tips, shopping guides to epidemic-prevention supplies like masks and bleach, further reading materials and related videos.


In terms of hard news, immediacy and accuracy are key. So readily available are updates on new cases; global trends as well as local quarantined cases and related news – all of which are sourced from accurate and unbiased content providers like BBC, Bloomberg and more.

An interactive map (全球確診病例) that illustrates the number of cases, deaths and the trend curve in countries around the world is also available, as are two doctors’ series. The first 防疫攻略is made by Yahoo TV in collaboration with local medical practitioner and politician Dr Pierre Chan, who illustrates the basics of the virus by simplifying medical jargon, debunking myths and offering tips. Second is an editorial column 防疫解碼 by Dr Chiu who dives into issues like comparing SARS with CORVID-19, the mystery behind masks and more.


On the softer side is an epidemic corner (防疫專區) featuring tips from experts from all industries: such as dermatologists’ tips on keeping our hands clean yet hydrated; a nutritionist’s take on immune system-boosting foods; and the best types of wet wipes, to name but a few. Users can also participate in the COVID-19 conversation through the Yahoo Polls (民調) function to get insights of what is going on in others’ minds.



Yahoo News Live Blog: Instant News Updates around the Globe
For those on the go, Yahoo HK’s editorial team has also designed a live blog to offer bite-sized updates around-the-clock from trusted content providers. Not confined to local incidents, this blog features immediate happenings across all industries and around the world in a timeline format as they happen, all in hopes to offer a well-rounded point of view to our users.



Yahoo App: Paying it Forward with a Mask Redemption Program
Aside from identifying external resources for our users over these tough times, Yahoo HK has also created an in-app redemption program whereby users could redeem masks and other sanitary supplies with YPoints. More than 20,000 items flew off the cyber shelves within seconds: masks for adults were distributed on March 2 and 9 and children’s masks on March 16. For more details about the program, click here.



Yahoo Search: Key Search Terms in February
During the month of February, our netizens not only search for news and everything needs to know about Coronavirus Disease, but as much as half of the search went to surgical masks and disinfectant products related information. 

search trend


Yahoo Shopping: Fight the Epidemic with Excellent Stuff
Aside from empowering our readers with updated and accurate information, Yahoo HK also understands the difficulty of finding the right supplies during this COVID-19 outbreak. As such, its Shopping Guide offers helpful features on money-saving recipes for people working from home; bargain equipment for home workouts; as well as inexpensive cleaning supplies and more. Most of these deals are complete with links that direct to an ecommerce portal, so readers can stay in the comfort and safety of their four walls while accessing these goods.


BetterMe Online Magazine: Because we all need a bit of Positivity
Staying informed is important, but there’s only so much negativity our brains, and frankly, our immune systems, should take. So here to instill a spark of positivity is Yahoo HK’s BetterMe supplement page – BetterWe 「同心抗逆」專頁, whereby users can find warm-hearted stories like an author’s gesture of gifting masks to her Pakistani neighbour; recipes for hot toddies, which was initially rumoured to cure CORVID-19, as well as other motivational posts like changing our routine to incorporate a morning jog, perhaps?


Our world is experiencing an uncertain time, and Yahoo Hong Kong will always be by your side, walking along with Hong Kongers through tough moments, rain or shine.


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