Build Breakthrough Ads with Dynamic Creative

Build Breakthrough Ads with Dynamic Creative

Learn how Dynamic Creative helps clients such as GlassesUSA.com and Potratz Agency increase engagement with users.

One ad, delivered one way, might make an impact with your audience. It might also fail to resonate, sending you back to the creative drawing board and wasting your ad buy. With user tastes and perceptions changing constantly, savvy marketers understand that creative iteration - creating an ad with multiple headline or visual options - is key to maximizing engagement. And doing so at scale requires advanced solutions.

Dynamic Creative gives advertisers more creative freedom by automatically delivering the optimal asset mix to audiences. Say an advertiser has three versions each of an image, title, and description. Dynamic Creative tests all 27 possible combinations (quick math: that’s 3 x 3 x 3) across audiences. By constantly learning how users interact, the combinations with the highest performance are prioritized.

Dynamic Creative Sample 1Dynamic Creative Sample 2

Audience scale is what allows Dynamic Creative to drive results for advertisers. With roughly 900M monthly users globally (including 215M in the US, Comscore May 2020), Verizon Media has the reach to iterate effectively and quickly vs. competing platforms.

Armed with this ability to have their ads remixed into every possible combination, marketers are delivering more breakthrough messaging. A leading automotive ad agency, Potratz, served and tested over 20 creative variations on its way to increasing engagement (45% lift in CTR) while decreasing costs for its client (12% drop in CPC).

GlassesUSA.com leveraged Dynamic Creative to increase engagement with its eyewear retail ads. Optimizing creative assets led to a 53% improvement in CTR, which further allowed the ecommerce company to increase overall engagement by reallocating its budget from non-dynamic ads.

Dynamic Creative can be used across native or display inventory to optimize performance for a range of goals, starting with CTR. It is one of many experimentation tools at Verizon Media including incrementality measurement and A/B testing. These tools enable marketers to clearly understand ad effectiveness and adapt in real time, leading to better creative that resonates with more people.

To learn more about these offerings or Verizon Media’s creative design solutions, please email to hk.advertising.enquiry@verizonmedia.com or refer here for your sales representative's contact.

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