Cruising with BMW to drive awareness, softly

Cruising with BMW to drive awareness, softly

Campaign Objectives

1. Promoting BMW models to a young demographic with high spending power

2. Employing a soft-selling approach to showcase BMW's superior product features


1. Sponsored the first episode of Yahoo TV Original Program Series - Holidays Driving 週末自駕遊. Using a soft-selling approach, Yahoo team generated the idea of having the hosts to cruise around Hong Kong's best-kept places – most are not easily accessible on foot so to better highlight the importance of a car as well as BMW's stellar offerings.

2. Leveraged on the theme of Christmas festivities and Hong Kongers' fascination of celebrating the holiday in Europe, the video content showed the hosts set a route that centered around replicating the European holiday in Hong Kong with the help of the BMW car, as such promoting a soft-selling angle to feature BMW and it's superior product features.

3. The video kept its travel edge by recommending shops, restaurants, delicatessens and even an outdoor picnic area in Hong Kong. BMW features were laced between the editorial-oriented information in a soft-sell approach.

4. Leveraged on Native Ads and Premium Ads to drive more awareness to the TV program.

5. Social Posts were adopted to bring in additional traffic and to spread the word.