Diving into Hong Kong's future - what 5G holds for consumer contents

Rico Chan, Co-Head, Verizon Media, APAC

Diving into Hong Kong's future - what 5G holds for consumer contents

The 5G era is truly upon us – as 5G service is becoming consumer-available through major telecom carriers and subsequently a proliferation of 5G service plans to choose from, the year of 2020 will be the time for mass adoption. After years of anticipation and preparation, 5G is quickly translating from being “the future” to an integral part to the present.

Coming with hyper-speed, extreme connectivity and low latency characteristics, 5G is 10 times the network of 4G in terms of speed, throughput and device coverage, and is expected to lead wholesale revolutionary change that many are called “the fourth industrial revolution.” As 5G infrastructure is being built out and becoming consumer-ready, we can expect newer forms of content, such as 3D, AR, VR, IoT being made possible by the 10x speed network for a whole new world of content, entertainment and customer engagement.

Ryot Studio, the Oscars and Emmy Award-winning content studio and part of the Verizon Media family, is an expert in story telling through innovative and immersive experience using AR and VR technologies.  Ryot Studio is also the mastermind behind The March, an immersive VR exhibition in collaboration with TIME Magazine. The exhibition opened at DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago at the end of February.

The March Official Site

VR experience demo of The March¸as seen on the exhibition’s official website.

The March recreated one of the most ground-breaking incidents in US history – The 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. The Ryot team utilized motion capture and VR technologies to create that monumental day – put on the VR device and audience can “Step into history. Walk in their footsteps. Dare to dream.”

And we think this is merely the first of many new-form content and experience.

As 5G becomes standard, consumers can expect more stable and quicker, higher quality multi-media streaming – this makes on-the-go content stickier, whether in the form of sports event live streaming or immersive travel guides. The synergy between 5G and eCommerce is also exciting, with Gartner predicting technology giving eCommerce an upgrade that would see billions of consumers shopping with AR both online and off.

The implication of all this means we have great opportunities ahead, but also a call-to-arms for us as marketers to seize this opportunity to create the experience that is robust, imaginative, and most crucially, engaging to our customers – as we stand at the pivotal moment in history, we will live the revolution and define this new time.