"Flurry Push" sharing in Hong Kong

"Flurry Push" sharing in Hong Kong

Before the advent of smart push notifications, Yahoo's Regional Ad Technology Specialist Kyle Chueng says Yahoo News sends 15 push notifications to its subscribers per day: the open rate, unfortunately, hovers at a disappointing 6%.

Aside from a low response rate, a lot of manpower was required in the editorial and engineering departments to ensure that said notifications were timely. Not to mention that the analysis report would only arrive two days later, meaning adjustments weren't reactive enough.

With Flurry Push's smart notification add-on, however, the news team is now able to target the right content to the right user at the right time.

Categorised into cyclical processes of acquire, retain and re-activate, the app tracks in-app ad clicks, ad purchases and ways the app can further add value to the user to entice repeated use. In other words, it keeps the app ecosystem alive via instant post-install follow up, routine engagement and sending regular reminders to inactive users.

Better yet, the push functions can target users based on varying criterion such as demographic and usage frequency.

Take Yahoo Finance, for instance, Cheung and his team sent weekly reminders to new inactive users who've logged onto the app for less than two sessions in the past seven days. This saw an impressive result of a 23% increase in active users.

Cheung isn't tooting his own horn. In Hong Kong, Flurry is associated with close to 20,000 apps across more than 2500 companies and tracks more than 8.8m devices a month. On a global scale, Flurry is linked to 1 million apps and tracks 2.6billion devices per month.