Flurry Unveils “Flurry Push” in Hong Kong

Flurry Unveils “Flurry Push” in Hong Kong

Flurry unveiled Flurry Push, a free offering from the new Flurry Marketing Suite that enables app developers to utilize messages to target, engage and retain users across Android and iOS. With Flurry Push, mobile developers can leverage on the power of push notifications, one of the most popular forms of engagement, to effectively grow their business and drive revenue.

David Lundell, Director, Product Management, Flurry Marketing Suite, said, "This has been a year of remarkable growth for the mobile industry. Mobile innovation, disruption, and growth in software development are changing the ways of interaction between users and application developers. Modern business relies heavily on mobile technology. The proliferation of volume of new apps and ever-changing preferences of users make capturing revenue difficult. App developers must find ways to engage and retain new users for the long term, driving more usage, a bigger and more targeted audience and new revenue streams and growth in business."

"Mobile engagement is now the key to capturing a share of the time users spend on their mobiles each day. This is the focus of Oath," added David. "From segmentation, target selection and execution, to sustained analysis and adjustment, mobile engagement involves countless procedures. There is an increasing demand for an efficient one-stop solution that allows developers to grow usage and revenue."

Key features of Flurry Push include:

  • Actionable One-stop Analytics: Analyze app KPIs and push notification campaigns through one single platform.
  • Triggered Push Notifications: Automatically send push notifications to users based on app- install time, event triggers or other audience attributes.
  • Powerful Segmentation: Target users by geographic, demographic, behavioral and technographic attributes, including activity or inactivity, install date, device model, app version or specific event combinations. Save commonly-used user segments for quick set-up.

With Flurry Push, mobile developers can leverage on the power of push notifications.

"We've heard consistently from our developers that messaging is one of the most powerful tools for boosting user engagement. With Flurry Push, we're putting free messaging front-and-center to empower developers to take charge of their app business and address the recurring challenge of long-term engagement. We believe mobile developers will use this new tool to engage and retain users in more effective and efficient ways, which is vital to growing their apps and building their businesses," David concluded.

Today, Eudora Li, Manager, Partner & Supply Management, Oath Hong Kong, also shared the highlights of the Oath Video Activation Network, "There is a rapidly growing demand for digital video, with an expected 262% increase in the time spent in the upcoming few years. In view of this, Oath is introducing the brand-new Video Activation platform, which contains over 9 million premium video clips for developers to create unique user experiences. This platform is built to drive revenue for developers through premium video content."