Campaign Spotlight: How Jetour boosted its userbase by making the most of native ads

How Jetour boosted its userbase with Yahoo Native Ads

Covering every step of the online customer lifecycle is a key to success. By leveraging different portals and ad formats of Yahoo Native ads, Jetour managed to increase its website traffic and recruit a bevvy of new customers.

Aiming to build brand awareness and increase conversions from its website, Jetour adopted several strategies to engage customers. One efficacious example being the use of native ads to increase brand awareness. These were crafted to include emotional messages with impactful yet attractive visuals to drive customer engagement.

In order to meet the different interests and demands of customers, Jetour, has been a travel industry pioneer in making the most out of Carousel ads. They adopted this method with creative storytelling techniques and presenting attractive images of destinations to make the products more compelling.

Visual stories with clearly presented details, features, and angles of products were produced to deliver messages that would be impactful. Carousel ads highlighted multiple products by giving a variety of options for users to click on.

How Jetour boosted its userbase by making the most of native ads

To maximise the flexibility of Yahoo Native ads, Jetour also configured specific visuals for PC and mobile to increase readability.

Site retargeting ads were used to deliver seasonal promotion messages with an aim to retarget customers and reinforce their buying intent. Flash Sales features and countdown timers were included to increase motivation for purchasing as well.

These strategies have seen great success as Jetour’s website traffic increased by more than 350% during the campaign period between mid-2018 and mid-2019. Additionally, the number of new users increased by more than 401%.

The figures show that carousel ads performed outstandingly, with over 3% clickthrough rate, followed retargeting, and both static native ads (more than 2%) and native ads (more than 1%).