Let's Turn a New Leaf

Let's Turn a New Leaf

Let's Turn a New Leaf

In 2018, we talked a lot about ROI, data, and ideas; and at the same time, we expanded our scope to discuss about Building Brand Love: love between our brands and our members; love between advertisers and their audiences; and love we try to send you.

As we close 2018, we'd like to show you some of the love we've sustainably built upon.

Build Brands Members Love

Yahoo TV

To bring global and local events to our Hong Kong users in 2018, Yahoo TV has broadcasted numerous prominent LIVE events such as The Royal Wedding, Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting, RISE and Jing Ying Tournaments, just to name a few. In terms of Video-on-Demand, we've also had home-bred programs like Mean King (Mean傾), HK Criminal Case (區區有奇案) and Stars at Work (星級炒散王), and many more.


Locally, the pinnacle of success was the building o Engadget Chinese, a portal renowned for its savvy in technology news and reviews of new gadgets, tech and VR/AR. It now attracts more than 1.6M monthly unique users with popular activities such as weekly live broadcasts on Yahoo TV.


Globally, TechCrunch, a technology media brand owned by Oath, continues to host TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, Tokyo and Shenzhen, which are regarded as "the Oscars of start-ups"; and Yahoo TV and Engadget were at the frontlines for all these locations.

Better Me

Online magazine "BetterMe", also continues to reap impressive response, garnering more than 312K followers on Social platforms. Designed to be lifestyle-oriented portal that strives to change the Hong Kong public's everyday lives, values, and perspectives habit by habit, its portfolio of topics has now expanded to include environment, travel, features, romance, philosophy and more.

Build Platforms Advertisers Love

Oath Ad Platforms

Almost a year into the establishment of Oath, we introduced Oath Ad Platforms, a user-friendly and comprehensive global suite of intelligent advertising and publishing solutions for our advertisers and partners. Thus far, AdLearn is one of the winning elements that combine demand and supply data with predictive performance algorithms to connect the best ad with the right user at the right time at the right place. As a result, we ensure that each placement is in a safe environment for every one of your ads so you can focus on building lasting connections with your audience.

Key Milestones We Loved

In 2018, we have lots to raise our glasses to, lots to be proud of, and most importantly, lots to be thankful for.

Oath Asia Big Idea Chair Awards.jpg

The Oath Asia Big Idea Chair Awards blew out its 10th candle, with this year seeing more than 360 submissions from Taiwan, Singapore, India and Hong Kong. Aside from an almost 100% satisfaction rate among attendees, substantial coverage could also be found on prominent regional industry publication Marketing Magazine. See the wide grins from our winners here!

Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2018

Another big anniversary is Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards. Ringing in its 16th year, the trademark ceremony has become the signature event of both Yahoo Hong Kong and the entertainment business. Regarded as the authority among movers and shakers in the industry, the event this year was even broadcasted live on Yahoo TV in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, as well as expanded to United States and Canada.

2018 Yahoo Lenovo League of Legends (LOL) Championship

It's also a year of firsts. Oath hosted the first cross-region digital eSports event, the 2018 Yahoo Lenovo League of Legends (LOL) Championship in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Aside from online and offline competitions between local A-list celebrities and eSports super stars, Hong Kong fans also got a chance to meet and greet the six-time LOL winners from Taiwan - The Flashwolves.

Oath Summit

The Oath Summit, too, rung in another successful year at The Mira, seeing more than 500 guests from agencies and clients. The presenters never disappoint: namely Oath's Chief Scientist Niklas Karlsson played fortune-teller with AI; and one speaker even came as a virtual panda. Find out more for yourself here!

Oath Ad Platforms Launch Party

As seminars and talks in hotel ballrooms and our office may get a bit dull, so we hosted the Oath Ad Platforms Launch Party in a 170-year-old relic, Tai Kwun's Madame Fu. More than 150 industry leaders not only attended to support, but also a genuine curiosity as to what the new ad portfolios can bring. Check out the details!

Spark Awards Media Owner of The Year

Finally, we can toot about our achievements all we want, but it's always humbling to receive recognition from reputable organisations. In the 2018 Sparks Awards for Media Excellence, Oath was crowned Media Owner of the Year, bagging close to 20 awards for both our clients and our home-grown projects.

2018 was great, and we're ever grateful for all the support we received from you. In 2019, we are looking to bring you even more exciting news, programs and events that will help build brand love for yours and ours. Before we actually step in to the new year, we wish you a very Splendid and Fruitful Year to come!