Oath debuts its simplified suite in an 170-year-old relic

Oath debuts its simplified suite in an 170-year-old relic

Over 150 guests arrived at Tai Kwun's Madame Fu restaurant on October 25, 2018, sporting not notebooks and laptops, but foam selfie props and glasses of bubbles and wine for the Oath Ad Platforms Launch Party.

Unlike Oath's past events often located in its Causeway Bay office or hotel function rooms, there's a meaning behind setting a mixer in a 19-century refurbished Police Headquarters, said Managing Director, Oath Taiwan, Erika Wang.

Oath Ad Platforms Launch Party Opening

"The police is the authority you rely on when you're in trouble, they are sort of like a solution provider, which is very much similar to what Oath does," she said. "But all jokes aside, Oath wants to be your long-running partner."

A little more than a year since Yahoo has merged with AOL to make today's Oath, it has seen some substantial improvements. And it wants to tell the world.

Oath Ad Platforms Party Event

"We've had some eye-opening updates and developments since," said Rico Chan, Vice President & Managing Director of Oath Hong Kong, Japan & INSEA. "We've designed products with consumers and advertisers at the heart, and never-before-seen initiatives developed to fit clients' ever-changing needs."

With "Realise your vision" as the mantra of Oath Ad Platforms, Oath caters both the demand and supply sides, boasting unified unique selling propositions such as a native marketplace, video SSP, as well as video syndication, to name but a few.

Oath Ad Platforms HK Launch Party

Melissa Lau, Director of Oath Ad Platforms Optimization & Strategy, Oath Hong Kong, said unification is the theme of 2019.

"We have an Ad-Learn optimization engine fitted with artificial intelligence that helps you build lasting connections; we have video-on-demand as well as qualified and targeted insights and data teams that help you achieve your goals."

"We will work to further ensure your demand meets supply and supply meets demand."

Whether it's demand or supply you're seeking for, perhaps there's no other place than Oath where we partner with brands to build brand love using content, technology and data at scale.