Oath Named Top 10 Programmatic Publisher

Oath Named Top 10 Programmatic Publisher

Oath capped AdExchanger's Top 10 Programmatic Publisher list, which compared it to a "dark horse" as it is a "powerful, highly scaled platform publisher with reach that's hard to get anywhere else".

Just less than five years ago, programmatic buying was seen as the new dawn for the digital world. Today, it has expanded to become a mandatory feature in any marketing 101 course. As it grows to be a glossier way to transact and add value to both the buyer and seller, demand for better inventory alongside complementary tech, data, creativity, service and most importantly, trust, has also reached new heights.

"We are moving rapidly into a programmatic-first world," said president of enterprise partnerships at Omnicom, Sal Candela, for AdExchanger. "There is a surge of quality inventory in digital."

Sarah Warner, digital investment lead for programmatic and video at GroupM, chimes in: "Programmatic has expanded from yield management to automation and a change in how we liquidate relationships."

With surged importance of programmatic buying, choosing and leveraging a well-established and trusted programmatic publisher is crucial.

And it seems, to AdExchanger, the "dark horse" is on the right track.

Not only is Oath's owned-and-operated media properties and news search portal well received by audiences of all segments, they represent scaled, direct publisher relationships that will last for a long time in this media landscape.

Already representing a large portion of big media buys and offering targeting data pooled from Yahoo, AOL, Verizon and one million mobile apps, Oath is still consolidating its many inventory sources, meaning possibilities for its future is endless.

And compared to the more internationally or US-focused candidates on the rest of AdExchanger's list, Oath holds the strongest grip in the APAC market. Market-specific portals like Yahoo奇摩 in Taiwan, Yahoo 雅虎 in Hong Kong, as well as a multilingual Engadget, continue to be major attractions for its viewers and clients.

AJ Kintner, Merkle M's VP of business development, predicted Oath will offer a DSP with scale, reach and an addressable audience.

Also laudable is Oath's excellent service and insights for bettering future campaigns, wrote AdExchanger.

Other names that made it onto the AdExchanger list include Condé Nast, Financial Times, Insider Inc., King, News Corp., Spotify, Turner and Vox Media.

Source: The Top 10 Programmatic Publishers Of 2018, AdExchanger