Oath Summit 2018: Case Study - for Apta, Courage is Key

Summit 2018: Danone Nutricia

For Carol Wan, Senior Manager, Media and Performance, Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition (Hong Kong) Limited, success is not defined by the 2,600,000-plus clicks that Apta x BetterMe campaign garnered; it's not about the 31 KOLs involved; nor is it about the average on-site time of 2 minutes and 34 seconds.

"The key learning is how we can continuously produce good materials for our brand and how we can bring the learning forward to the next initiative," she said, adding that a lot of pre-planning time was used in developing a clear brand proposition.


"Sure, we discussed a lot as to why we want to do content marketing, whether parents and moms like this medium and why was this format chosen; but the biggest discussion really was a true alignment with the team and getting a clear vision so we can all move forward as one."

This meant choosing the right means whereby the audience find creative; seeking out KOLs that genuinely want to represent the brand; and identifying topics that resonate with which type of parents.

"We wanted to pick up the outcome so we can produce our next campaign. What we did with BetterMe enabled us to be a very courageous brand for the future."