Oath Unifies Ad Tech under New Brand, Adds Advanced Features To Drive Growth For Advertisers And Publishers

Oath Unifies Ad Tech under New Brand, Adds Advanced Features To Drive Growth For Advertisers And Publishers

Hong Kong, September 11, 2018 - Oath, a Verizon (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) subsidiary, today introduced Oath Ad Platforms as its simplified suite of intelligent advertising and publishing solutions globally. Oath Ad Platforms combines the best assets from BrightRoll, ONE by AOL and Yahoo Gemini into a set of solutions that makes it easier for advertisers and publishers to drive growth. The suite activates Oath's trusted data, high-quality inventory, innovative ad experiences and industry-leading programmatic algorithms. Additionally, the unified demand-side-platform (DSP) offers access to new native and connected TV inventory as well as unique ad formats. New features and functionality will be rolled out on an ongoing basis.

"Oath Ad Platforms is the culmination of years of experience creating world class advertising offerings powered by data and designed to build brands," said Tim Armstrong, CEO of Oath. "We've combined the best assets from our trusted platforms with new functionality to drive meaningful results for advertisers and publishers. Oath Ad Platforms is another example of our longstanding commitment to innovation, providing a solution to today's digital advertising challenges."

Oath Ad Platforms offers solutions for both marketers and publishers, including:

Oath Ad Platforms for Marketers helps brands and agencies focus on what drives their business, including brand building and acquiring new business. Powered by a DSP, native marketplace, and exchanges, the platform provides advertisers with the tools and data they need to buy what they want and connect with consumers in intelligent ways.

  • DSP: The DSP activates Oath's wealth of trusted, exclusive first-party data as well as partner data. It connects to over 40 global exchanges and offers access to brand-safe inventory across AOL, Yahoo and Oath's other owned and operated properties. In addition to display and video inventory, DSP advertisers can now take advantage of new capabilities to target native and connected TV through the DSP to enhance their media strategies. Oath's machine-learning optimization engine AdLearn is now available across the region and has increased performance by combining demand and supply data with predictive performance algorithms that connect the best ad with the right user and placement at scale.
  • Native Marketplace: This unique ad marketplace allows marketers to feature their ads in a way people want to see them to drive greater engagement and effectiveness. Native inventory is available globally and search is available in the US. Precisely targeted, flexible in-stream formats help consumers discover, interact and transact with brands across Oath's properties and quality partners. The platform includes Oath's innovative ad experiences such as AR (available in selected markets), 3-Dimension (3D), Tiles and Mobile Moments as well as newly launched e-commerce formats Countdown, which allow consumers to jump on the hottest sales.
  • Supply-side-platform (SSP) & Exchanges: Programmatic access to Oath's inventory with controls helps ensure brand safety and limit fraud for today's marketers, while creating access to exclusive audiences proven to perform.

Oath Ad Platforms for Publishers is a comprehensive solution suite for publishers with a focus on omnichannel, video and broadcast publishers, and app developers in alignment with its Flurry offering. The publisher toolset grants access to Oath's high-quality advertisers through revenue and video management solutions, powered by data. With enhanced access to diversified monetization options, plus customization and controls, Oath empowers publishers to build experiences their customers will love. Oath continues to consolidate its supply suite and introduce new tools for publishers, including an Oath Ads SDK (software development kit) expected to roll out in 2019.

About Oath
Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon, is a values-led company committed to building brands people love. Oath reaches one billion people around the world with a dynamic house of media and technology brands. A global leader in digital and mobile, Oath is shaping the future of media and technology. For more on Oath, visit oath.com, and Press Room (pressroom-yahoohk.tumblr.com/).

For more information on the new Oath Ad Platforms, please visit: oath.com/hk/advertising/platforms/

香港,2018年9月11日- Oath香港今日與全球同步宣佈推出Oath Ad Platforms綜合式廣告平台,為本地市場提供精簡的智能化廣告方案,以及為內容供應與發佈商提供更易用的整合平台。Oath Ad Platforms 結合 BrightRoll、ONE by AOL、Yahoo Gemini的各項技術,打造一套完整的解決方案。這個綜合平台揉合可靠的Oath數據、高質素的廣告貨源選擇、創新的廣告體驗、領先業界的程式化廣告運算。而統一的廣告需求方平台(demand-side-platform, DSP)將提供嶄新的原生廣告和智能電視廣告模式。這些新模式和新功能將會逐一推出市場。

Oath行政總裁 Tim Armstrong表示︰「Oath Ad Platforms 是Oath各項世界級廣告產品的結晶,以數據作為強大後盾,幫助客戶建立品牌知名度,促進業務增長。我們將Oath一直以來備受信賴的平台與新功能結合,取得理想成果。Oath Ad Platforms 是我們堅持創新的又一典範,也是應對現今數碼廣告市場的最佳解決方案。」

Oath Ad Platforms 同時為廣告商和內容供應與發佈商提供解決方案,包括:

Oath Ad Platforms for Marketers 有助品牌及廣告代理推動業務增長,包括建立品牌知名度及拓展新業務。此平台以 DSP、原生廣告市集(marketplace)以及交易平台作為強大後盾,為廣告商提供所需工具及數據,按照其希望的方式購買廣告並以聰明有效的方式接觸消費者。

  • DSP:DSP 啟用 Oath 一眾備受信賴、專享的第一方數據以及其他合作夥伴數據。連接逾 40 間全球性廣告交易平台,並可購買AOL 、 Yahoo 及由Oath 擁有或管理的品牌安全廣告貨源。除展示及影片廣告貨源外,DSP 廣告商現時可利用原生廣告及智能電視去精準針對目標客群,提升媒體策略。Oath 的機器學習優化引擎 AdLearn 結合需求及供應數據與預測成效演算,將廣告與最合適的用戶及刊登位置配對,提升宣傳成效。
  • 原生廣告市集:讓市場推廣人員能以用戶喜愛的方式推出其廣告,透過互動提升成效。原生廣告貨源已經全球適用。精準針對目標客群,配合靈活的影音廣告格式,有助推動消費者在 Oath頻道和內容網絡裡主動探索、互動並且與品牌達成交易。這個平台涵蓋 Oath 的各種創新廣告體驗,如 AR(適用於部份市場)、三維(3D)、多媒體流動廣告格式(Tiles 及 Mobile Moments)。同時加入針對限時促銷的全新電子商務廣告 Countdown,讓消費者緊貼全城最火熱的速銷活動。
  • Supply-side-platform (SSP) 及 Exchanges:Oath對其程序化廣告貨源提供的存取監管,協助廣告商確保品牌的安全及防範欺詐,同時連繫最具效益的專有目標受眾。

Oath Ad Platforms for Publishers 綜合解決方案適合專注於全方位渠道、影片及內容供應與發佈商,以及Flurry的應用程式開發用戶。內容供應與發佈的工具讓用戶透過使用收益及影片管理方案,配以數據,接觸Oath高質素的廣告商。Oath進一步提供多元化的營利策略選項、個人化及監控功能,讓內容供應與發佈商打造最受客戶歡迎的廣告體驗。Oath亦繼續整合其廣告供應產品組合,並為內容供應與發佈商推出更多全新工具,包括預計於 2019 年發佈的 Oath Ads SDK (軟件開發工具包)。

關於 Oath
Oath是Verizon旗下的子公司,我們以價值為主導,致力建立讓大眾喜愛的品牌。我們在全球擁有超過10億用戶,旗下擁有超過50個媒體內容、科技與廣告產品品牌,包括赫芬頓郵報(HuffPost)、Yahoo體育 (Yahoo Sports)、AOL、TechCrunch、Tumblr、Yahoo財經 (Yahoo Finance)、BrightRoll、ONE by AOL與Gemini等。作為全球領先的數碼及流動科技公司,Oath正在重新定義媒體的未來。

了解更多Oath,歡迎瀏覽oath.com,和Oath香港新聞中心 (pressroom-yahoohk.tumblr.com/)。

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