Branded Content

American Express Lives Life to the Fullest with Branded Content

American Express Lives Life to the Fullest with Branded Content

At a Glance

Goal: Amplify product image as “refined lifestyle” through engaging with the young, affluent, well-educated readers on Yahoo’s Only Live Once online magazine; increase brand exposure and, ultimately, boost card acquisition

Solution: Equate the concept of “platinum” in The Platinum Card® from American Express with esteemed craftsmanship and dedication of a steelmaker via a branded content hub that lures readers in with a soft, lifestyle-oriented message and eventually guides them to card acquisition

Results: The campaign delivered more than 3M+ impressions, 83K+ clicks and approved card applications of more than 350%.




Platinum, Premium

Leveraging on the concept of platinum being an premium metal that requires the esteemed craftsmanship of seasoned steelmakers, The Platinum Card® from American Express encourages with the mantras of “leading the path to platinum” and “life craftsmanship (生活匠人)” by living life to the fullest, attending to and refining small detail as well as practising persistence on goals and dreams via the Yahoo Only Live Once platform.

Live Craftsmanship


Realizing Dreams

To put a face to these grand ideals, American Express invited songstress Gin Lee, songwriter Tsang-Hei Chiu and other “life craftsmen” like product investors and sommeliers to make inspirational videos and content themed around dream pursuit and persistence. The videos take a soft, lifestyle-oriented approach and are only capped with the call-to-action message at the very end.


Spreading stories of Dreamers

On top of entry-points on Only Live Once online magazine, Yahoo TV, native and audience ads, prominent display on Yahoo Jetso supplement, Yahoo Stage Ad and Frontpage Today’s Module are also used to attract direct acquisition. Yahoo TV, in particular, customized a video hub whereby viewers can enjoy all episodes of the branded video content all at once to contain audiences within the content cycle.

To further reach targeted eyeballs, the branded content was spread through social media with deluxe images that amplify strong brand image of American Express.

Stage Ad


Compared to American Express’s other publishing portals, Yahoo proved to be the most effective media channel achieving the highest ROI, thanks to our ability to accurately pinpoint American Express’s target audience and drive incremental sales. Overall, the content hub saw more than 3M+ impressions, 83K+ clicks and more than 300K+ pageviews in just three months. As a result, approved card volume shot up by 350%+ during the campaign period.