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Bupa sustains the product launch with a soft but powerful content plan that attracted 4 million eyeballs

Bupa sustains the product launch on Yahoo BetterMe platform

At a Glance

Goal: Build brand awareness, retain top-of-mind and foster brand trust for Bupa Hero VHIS Plan; thereby expand audience demographic

Solution: Effective use of content marketing via Yahoo online magazine BetterMe and MingPao to add a soft, lifestyle-oriented edge to something as practical as insurance; permeate the target audience’s usual content portfolio with a multi-angled media plan to maximize engagement

Results: All of the branded native ads achieved superior results with a CTR double that of the industry average; content marketing drew high awareness that attracted 4 million eyeballs, and total engagement reached 560K+


Young: soft is supreme

To add a soft, lifestyle-oriented angle to something as technical and practical as insurance, Bupa engaged with Yahoo’s online magazine, BetterMe to share heartfelt stories and professional health tips so to build rapport with the audience. To highlight Bupa’s deluxe VHIS Plan, the content hub is themed around “Early Planning (習慣籌備)” to feature topics like the importance of and ways to destress; building courage to leap out of our comfort zones; efficient time management and health management at all ages; interviews by medical professionals and more to turn the concept of insurance from an investment during rainy days into a daily habit during healthy times. To further engage the target audience, a medium that was frequently used were soft micro-films done in partnership with BetterMe magazine. In congruence with the online magazine’s ethos, the videos were not product-based nor do they mention illness. Rather, they took a soft and sentimental approach with messages of companionship, trust, friendship, love during times of woe, and raise the importance of purchasing a medical insurance plan.


Content All-Around-You

To spread the reach of the content, an intricate media plan was devised in the BetterMe content hub, complemented by a plethora of ad formats across prime Yahoo property. On the homepage, a prominent video feature is anchored on the Yahoo TV section, paired with dynamic content ads, multiple entry-points for the page as well as search terms.

Front page ad


Mature: data is dominant

Embracing the other spectrum of more mature audiences is Bupa’s push on Mingpao, which promoted more news and data-driven content as well as more serious subjects like health trends. Though published on different platforms, both the content on Yahoo’s BetterMe and Mingpao served the same purpose: play top-of-mind among its target audience by giving them reasons to purchase Bupa’s deluxe VHIS plan.

Bupa branded article


This hero launch campaign proved to be a success, with the branded videos and articles drew high awareness that attracted 4 million eyeballs, and 560K+ total engagement.

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