ITeSHOP and Yahoo APP gets personal with fashionistas

ITeSHOP and Yahoo APP gets personal with fashionistas

At a Glance

Goal: Amplify sales on ITeSHOP’s annual signature online event, GIGON

Solution: A digital funnel matrix to attract ITeSHOP’s new and returning customers through a personalised omni-channel media plan and give out exclusive e-codes via a highly engaging loyalty reward programme

Results: The GIGON campaign overachieved sales target by almost 20%


Fighting for Shoppers

While the habit of online shopping has intensified over the year of lockdowns and social distancing, so has the difficulty in attracting eyeballs, especially in the fast-changing fashion industry. So for ITeSHOP’s annual spotlight online sales event GIGON, it partnered with the high-traffic Yahoo App to raise awareness with a comprehensive yet highly personalized media plan for both app-users and the general mass.

Fashionistas to Market Pioneers

Leveraging on Yahoo App’s high traffic and massive member base, the GIGON campaign became the first in the fashion industry to adopt two pioneering digital strategies in partnership with Yahoo. First, an exclusive ITeSHOP 10%-off eCode is redeemable with 50 YPoints to boost shopping intention among existing app users. Interested shoppers are then retargeted using dynamic product ads optimized by gender and predictive audience AI technology to best serve the right banners to shoppers with the highest conversion potential.



Another one of the campaign’s outstanding promotional channels is the media commerce coverage by Yahoo’s editorial team. ITeSHOP’s best sellers were highlighted on Yahoo Shopping’s main page, alongside editorial recommendations that cover ITeSHOP GIGON 80% off deal, as well as an ultimate sale advertorial coverage on Yahoo Style. Click-through rate on the call to action links on these coverages reached as high as 14% and 16%.



Race to Checkout

After word-of-mouth is spread among trendsetters, purchasing encouragement is supported by the entire Yahoo portal through premium stage ad on Yahoo mobile and desktop homepage and carousel native ads as means of inspiration for discovery. Complemented with the prominent Call to Action “Shop Now” button to amplify the purchase intent.