The Next-Generation of Connect Powered by 5G, Now

The Next-Generation of Connect Powered by 5G, Now

In this Future Gazers presentation from Cannes Lions, we hear from Jake Sally, head of development at RYOT. Explore the new creative realities that 5G will unlock, led by immersive experiences. As the new generation of digital experiences redefines brand relationships with consumers, content that piques curiosity, delivers wonder, and inspires reflection will rise to the top. We’ll be exploring Verizon Media’s three big bets on 5G, including remote production, immersive experiences, and the future of education.

What’s happening today is only the first exciting glimpse into the future of 5G, and as the technology becomes more widely available we’ll enable more brands, creators, and technologists to tell their story through our immersive editorial reach and innovation.

Watch the video:


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