Verizon Media DSP Summit 2020

Verizon Media DSP Summit 2020

Unveil HK Programmatic Research Results and See What's Next in Digital Out-of-home

In an ocean of data, finding the right audience using big data has been challenging but a key to campaign success. However, in the forthcoming cookieless world, what are consumers' biggest concerns, and what benefits they see on data sharing, will be crucial to every marketer. The winner of Best of Tech Partner Awards for DSP, SSP, Ad Network Video and Ad Network Mobile at the AdWeek Readers' Choice 2020, Verizon Media is proudly bringing you the first Verizon Media DSP Summit in Hong Kong. Some of the must-watch trends on Programmatic Digital-out-of-home; Data in the Cookieless World; Programmatic campaigns success cases, and the result of Programmatic and DSP Survey will be presented at this 1.5 hour virtual conference.

This is a must-attend summit for traders, planners and brands. Admission is free. Register Today!

Event Details:

Date: Nov 13, 2020 (Friday)
Time:[Session 1] 10:00 - 11:15AM     [Session 2] 2:30 - 3:45PM
Format: Live-stream via Yahoo TV

Content Highlights:

  • An overview of Verizon Media and DSP
  • Results of the latest HK Programmatic and DSP Survey (conducted by Verizon Media Hong Kong in July 2020)
  • Data collection in the cookieless world
  • The future of DSP - A deep-dive into programmatic
  • DOOH Programmatic campaigns success stories