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Verizon Media won 14 awards at The Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2019

Verizon Media won 14 awards

Verizon Media understands the role of media in shaping and making our society a better place, hence we are thrilled to announce that our very own BetterMe (好集慣) was named Gold in Best Social Media Strategy, Gold in Best Fast-Growing Media and Silver in Best Corporate Social Responsibility Media, amongst garnering another 11 anecdotes, at The Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2019.

The award recognizes BetterMe's content effort on highlighting issues around use of plastic, meat consumption and environmentalism, smoking, animal rights, and exploring and understanding of public shared space in response to Hong Kong's concrete jungle identity. Not only does BetterMe devote efforts into editorial articles and videos, but further engage with audience to take actions. For example, the BetterMe's Animal Rights campaign partnered with Rescue Centre for Abandoned Pets Limited (RCAP) on an online fundraising sales to support the charity to sell animal graphic pins and cushions via Yahoo Deals — making real-life changes with real audience. The tremendous response, both from audience and the award judges, reaffirms our belief that responsibility brings upon popularity.

Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2019

Looking elsewhere, Verizon Media also has a strong and all-rounded showing for a variety of campaigns, including the 3-phase content-community-event campaign Lenovo Legion Championship, which won Silvers in Best Custom Event and Best Media Campaign – Integrated Media.

The CMAB Food Truck Internet Game 2018 campaign helped gamified a subject as solemn as the Basic Law and rightfully took home Gold in Best Use of Technology and Bronze in Best Media Campaign – Mobile.

Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2019

American Express's content hub at Yahoo OLO Magazine provided a rich mix of original and KOL-curated content, empowering audiences to enjoy life to the fullest and treasure every moment. The campaign earned Bronze in both Best Use of Branded Content and Best Partnership Strategy.

On the other hand, the HUAWEI x Yahoo University Program and eSports Event targeted the youth sector with success and took home a Silver in Best Media Campaign – Experiential and a Bronze in Best Sponsorship Campaign.

Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2019

SmarTone and Wyeth PROMAMA each brought elements of audience engagement into their campaigns to make their message relevant and resonating, and were awarded a Silver in Best Media Campaign – Creative and a Gold in Best Use of Branded Content.

Below is a full list of our awards:

Spark Awards Results

The Spark Awards for Media Excellence awards campaign innovation and effectiveness in the local media scene, and is an excellent platform for media owners to showcase their best works. Verizon Media is honoured to be recognized by peers and experts, and we look forward to serving our clients and building brands with our professionalism and passion in all things media, as well as being steadfast responsible as a media in our community.

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