Welcome to the Future of 5G

5G is coming. This will revolutionize the way we live, work, think and consume. It will also transform the world of advertising. Whether 100mbps or even 1000mbps will soon be a relic like dial-up internet. Global Market Insights predicts that 5G affiliated products like AR and VR will surge 80% to $165 billion by 2024. Watch the videos to learn more!

Why marketers should care about 5G

"In the next decade, VR and AR supported by 5G network will be a turning point for marketers. By 2028, the gaming industry will take up 90% of the AR 5G data." - Intel & Ovum

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Empower your loyal customers


"More than 80% of software firms will switch to a subscription-based business model before 2020." - Gartner

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When it comes to locating your target audience, AI is your friend

For marketers, AI can directly optimise ad effectiveness4:

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