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Yahoo amplifies what matters most to you

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Yahoo is an original internet pioneer. Starting in the dial-up days , Yahoo enabled people to discover new things, see new places, meet new people, or just "surf." This eye-opening platform was poised to change the world, and Yahoo was the guide to it all. 

Oh, how the world has indeed changed over the 24 years of Yahoo’s lifetime. 

Today, the internet has grown so big that people spend much of their time sifting through what they don't care about just to find the things they do. In today’s age of internet overload, people want a simple, personalized and customized experience tailored to their interests. One that puts them in control.  

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Today marks a significant step in modernizing and strengthening our Yahoo brand and products in order to redefine who we are in the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

Yahoo’s new mission is to amplify what matters the most to you, keeping the world interested and interesting. More than just a media and tech brand, Yahoo is passionate about giving people more of what they want and less of what they don’t. The platform amplifies their fandom in sports, their point of view on the news, their financial confidence, and their ability to stay organized and participate in the culture around them.

This is about a new strategy and the products that deliver on that strategy. Consumers will start seeing these changes with a re-imagined Yahoo Mail app, a new video experience on homepage, and refreshed mobile design for our most popular apps Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo News. The new logo is just a signal of these changes.

Yahoo Mail has undergone a significant upgrade, making the inbox more organized and easier to navigate. Starting today, we’re launching the new Yahoo Mail in over 40 countries and 70 languages. You can get the latest app on iTunes and Google Play. We’re focused more than ever on how Yahoo Mail can help people organize their lives and amplify the things they care about most—interests, travel plans, discounts, savings, photos and more. 

For brands, our re-imagined mail experience allows you to find more high-quality users and deliver better ad experiences at the highest point of engagement. Unique and innovative ad experiences, such as Mobile Moment AR 2.0 Ads, reach users as they’re actively looking for deals and coupons, migrating them through the purchase funnel. 

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