Yahoo eSports Game On Event

Yahoo eSports Game On Event

The 2018 eSports season has kicked off with Lenovo's second Yahoo eSports Game On Event, inviting the top LoL players across Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau to prove who best deserves the throne this year.

Taiwan winning team, 「妳倒楣嗎?」(also known as:地獄倒楣隊) and the Hong Kong and Macau winning team will compete for the champion at Harbour City on Saturday, September 22, 2018. The champion will take home HK$70,000, while the first-runner up will get HK$35,000. Moreover, both teams will get a chance to pit against other LoL fans in The Third "Legion of Champions" Finale in Thailand later on.

Aside from bearing witness to the next legend at the Yahoo eSports Game On Event, celebrities Jason Chan (陳柏宇), Super Girls, Ken Hung (洪卓立) and Rose Ma will also show off their skills at the event.

Making its first appearance in Hong Kong is Taiwanese eSports team and five-consecutive LoL Master Series Winner - Flash Wolves (閃電狼職業電競隊聯手). Team player - Hanabi (Top role), MooJin (Jungle), Maple (Mid role) , Betty (AD carry) and SwordArT (Support) - will be here in Hong Kong to meet and greet with their eSports fans. Catch them live!

Aside from broadcasting the anticipated live on Yahoo TV on September 22 , Yahoo TV has also launched an eSports program《Yahoo柏拍機》earlier this month. Hosted by celebrity gamers, Jason Chan and Lok Tung Tsang, the program promotes the talk-of-town topic of eSports across six episodes.

Celebrity guests Super Girls, Ansheles, Ken Hung, Rose Ma and Mischa will also show-off their skills throughout the series. Filled with laughter, the show also invited the best of the best gamers Daisy and Humanbomb to give us a taste of the action as well as discuss tactics of LoL, PUBG, Arena of Valor and more. Watch the show now.

Check out the Yahoo eSports Game On Event here: https://yahoo.digitalmktg.com.hk/summeresports2018/#event

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