Yahoo TV: Yahoo fights Coronavirus with the Power of Information

Yahoo fights Coronavirus with the Power of Information

Overpriced disinfectants, supermarkets robbed of toilet paper, passers-by covered in facial masks – the current coronavirus epidemic has put Hong Kong on shut down and its people in fear.

So to alleviate this fear factor stemmed from miscommunication and misinformation, Yahoo TV partnered with local medical doctor and politician Dr. Pierre Chan (陳沛然醫生) to debut a new program “抗疫攻略” (click to watch the program) to explain the basic facts of the virus, simplifying complicated medical terms (ie.: the difference between bacteria and virus); debunking myths (why reusing masks is unsafe) and offering tips to purchasing suitable equipment (the types of masks to buy). 

Each episode is complemented with information and links at the bottom for further reading; and at the end of every episode, Dr. Chan welcomes viewers to leave comments or private messages on the Yahoo News Facebook page and he’ll conduct researches and further investigations to answer their queries.

YTV Program Fight Wars

Since debuting in early February 2020, the show has garnered at least 200,000 views for each episode, with the most popular one – tips on mask selection – hitting more than 420,000 views.

As a veteran of at least 20 years in Hong Kong’s medical field, Dr. Chan was the president of the doctor’s union of the Hong Kong Public Doctors’ Association from 2014 to 2016. He also served on a number of public boards, including the Steering Committee on Review of the Hospital Authority, and is a prominent member of the Medical Council of Hong Kong. In 2016, he was elected into the Hong Kong Legislative Council through the Medical functional constituency.


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