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Yahoo Hong Kong 1st Virtual Character - Yahwoo

Yahoo Hong Kong 1st Virtual Character

Yahoo Hong Kong debuted its first virtual character, Yahwoo, at the Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong Festival 2019.

The pudgy bulldog in a white shirt, overall jeans and an earpiece comes from the future via time travel. As a tech guru, Yahwoo brings with him not just his vast expertise of present-day technology but also a pocketful of fun gadgets from his realm and be able to "try" via an augmented reality environment. He's humorous, is always ready to strike a pose and says "Genius".

Yahwoo's first public presence at the opening ceremony of ACGHK 2019 (watch the opening here) last week was filled with excitement. He not only interacted with emcee, but also showed off his singing and dancing talents, as well played games with audience on stage to make live interaction. At the closing of ACG, Yahwoo showed up again but at the Asia Pacific Cosplay Carnival, and this time, with Hoonie, Yahoo Taiwan's first virtual character, to engage with fans together.

ACG HK 2019

Although Yahwoo has already showed up in one of our premium live program - Yahoo Lunch K, last week; he will soon be appearing in more Live and VOD Yahoo TV programs such as Engadget Smart Living (智能生活教室) and an upcoming celebrity talk show. Last week, Yahwoo joined local singers Jason Chan, Lil Ashes and Cath Wong to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Yahoo in Yahoo Lunch K. The group has customized the song lists with pop songs from 1999. In the program, Yahwoo danced and interacted with guests to capture the hearts of many live viewers. In total, that live garnered more than 66,000 concurrent views!


Yahwoo's launch is testament to Yahoo's long legacy of challenging boundaries. Since its establishment 20 years ago in 1999, it was the first few platforms equipped with email, search and media offerings, as well as local products that make Hong Konger's collective memories. Do you recall the Yahoo Mahjong (麻雀) , Pool (桌球), Personals (有緣人), and blogs. This restlessness to innovate continues even today.

As Yahoo celebrates its milestone of 20th birthday this year, we already brought two major launches: Yahoo Studio in Hong Kong, aimed solely at producing in-house premium programs with VR capability; and a dedicated Yahoo App, comprising practical day-to-day information like weather, traffic, Mark Six, as well as tips for how we can be an explorer in our own backyard. Within the App is a Membership system to encourage users to earn points via in-app tasks, purchases as well as committing good deeds in the Good Deed Reward program to earn prizes.

Like Yahwoo, Yahoo hopes to continue to capture the hearts of our viewers. Stay tuned to this space to see what new-and-exciting we're about to bring.