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Yahoo tests your trivia knowledge with new in-app game

Yahoo x 123iknow in-app Game

Did you know tipping in Japan is insulting? That Newfoundland is not just a province in Canada? And how Hyde Park got its name? Well you better get acquainted with these little trivia facts!

Yahoo Hong Kong partners with local app 123 iknow (123獎知識) to host in-app game shows every Tuesday and Wednesday at 1:30 pm in Yahoo App.  Participating users automatically earn 20 YPoints simply by joining the game on time through the Yahoo App – latecomers can watch but will lose their chance to play.  During the game, every question comes with three multiple choices and players have 10 seconds to answer each question. Only those with the correct answer can advance to the next question; and those who ace the entire quiz will share the pool of a total of 14,000 YPoints.  YPoints can then be used to redeem attractive prizes such as food and drinks, cash coupons, admission theme park tickets, concert tickets and many more. Each player can make one mistake every round.

Yahoo x 123iknow in-app game

Aside from seeing our virtual celebrity host – Yahwoo – during the game, Yahoo will also sprinkle tips across Yahoo App and Homepage prior to the games every week so players can do their homework by gathering family members, friends, colleagues and classmates to find answers ahead of time, or do some researches on Yahoo Search to optimise their chances of winning.  

As one of the new functions in the Yahoo App, YPoints can be earned not just by playing the game, but by simply completing missions such as polls, browsing Yahoo Shopping or following topical channels in the app.  Click here to download Yahoo App and start earning YPoints.