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Yahoo - the Ultimate Source of Premium Content

Yahoo - the ultimate source of premium content

Rooting in Hong Kong for over 20 years, Yahoo has been providing oceans of information at users’ fingertips.  Daily news alone is garnered from a diverse source of almost 20 media outlets, in both Chinese and English and caters to readers of all sorts of interests and hobbies, and even of opposing values and political stances. For instance, daily updates could be sought on channels ranging from Sing Tao Daily to RTHK, Wall Street Journal and BBC, to name a few; while tech geeks can stay abreast the world of robotics and smart gadgets on Engadget; fashionistas can find inspiration on Jessica while lengthier features on National Geographic can entertain those stuck on longer train rides.

If reading isn’t your cup of tea, then our buffet of videos may excite you with content themed around travel (Go Trip), lifestyle (New Monday), entertainment (CBS), economics (Bloomberg), current events (Daily Mail), science (Discovery), social issues (TIME) and, of course, our premium original Yahoo TV programs.

Since its inauguration, Yahoo has prided itself as a medium that transforms how we interact, whether through information or entertainment, communicate or transact. Sometimes, this may mean incorporating technologies like XR, AI and machine-learning – like our new-born virtual reality character Yahwoo – and at other times that may just be offering personalised content. But our end goal doesn't change, and that is to serve our audience with content that truly matters to them, in a brand-safe environment.

So far, users are impressed with what we have offered. Last November alone, Yahoo Hong Kong recorded over 10M users and over 1B pageviews; and each user spends over 100 minutes on average on our portals.

Information is key, but the right information is king. And Yahoo pledges to provide the sources of information that our audiences truly seek.