Yahoo TV - June Update

Yahoo TV - June Update

We love television: the flashy psychedelic colours, the endless possibilities it offers, the dreams it allows us to dream, the fun of it all... what's not to love. Even though television may no longer be confined to the big black box in our living room, Yahoo relishes in the pleasure it brings to Hongkongers. Here's what's new with YahooTV.

區區有奇案 launched in May
We have a natural curiosity for puzzling, unsolved crimes in our city. Released in May, our home-grown program, 區區有奇案(HK Criminal Case), explored 10 bewildering mysteries over 10 episodes, each featuring never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews. The show drew in high interest from our audience of which three episodes alone generated 1.6M views. Check out the program here.

June New Program - Mean 傾
The two "bullies" of showbiz tell it like it is, revealing names, secrets, insiders' scoops and more over Mahjong and sofa chats. Hosted by Pak-Kin Leung(梁柏堅)and Michelle Lo(盧覓雪), topics on the table ranging from "how to be bffs with celebrities" and "what kind of people do the paparazzi despise"; to "starting out as a new guy in showbiz with a monthly salary of $7,200" and "the real tears and sweat of running a show". Stay tuned, grab your tissues and prepare to laugh and cry with those two. Check out the program here.

Top 5 Original Programs in May
Original programming is the backbone on which Yahoo TV is founded upon. It's the reason why millions of viewers return frequently. Here are our top-ranking programs in May.

Yahoo TV will continue to innovate and produce more premium infotainment for Hong Kong people. Stay tuned for more!