Yahoo TV: Latest Kids’ Channel keeps your little ones entertained during home quarantine

Yahoo TV -Latest Kids’ Channel

With continued class suspensions due to COVID-19, children have been robbed of the opportunities to learn and play. Unlike the days of SARS however, the Hong Kong government has been pushing the idea of continued education amidst paused schooling. So on top of printing work sheets and accompanying Zoom lessons, parents have been racking their brains to come up with educational fun for their little ones at home.

Here to help alleviate that burden is Yahoo’s latest Kids’ Channel - Kids Up 不停學 更快樂 . Airing on weekdays from 3pm to 4:30pm, the show comprises eight, 15-minute lessons designed in partnership with trustworthy publishers and renowned education bodies like The Education University of Hong Kong, Oxford University Press, Ocean Park, Cobo Academy and more. Online classes introduce extra-curricular knowledge in language, sports, STEM, music, cooking, as well as arts and crafts.



The first week of Kids’ Channel’s launch garnered more than 1.5 million video views from more than 500k viewers.

In physical-education for instance, instructors from InspiringHK Sports Foundation bring a daily, simple, short workout programme dubbed “Class stops, Exercising doesn't!” that partners with coaches of varying disciplines such as yoga, karate, rope skipping and more to expose children to moves that they won’t otherwise learn during gym class.

To foster better awareness for the environment and Mother Nature, cyber trips to Ocean Park reveal how green turtles live and lay eggs, among other nature conservation and wildlife knowledge. These are completed with interactive quizzes and arts-and-crafts materials that parents can easily print out and replicate at home. 


Chef Elizabeth Chow helps kids satisfy their sweet tooth with simple recipes for cupcakes and pancakes; while music is taught in games or via live music therapy sharing sessions.

More practical lessons are also available, such as a how-to guide on the proper way to wear a mask; as well as cartoons on Chinese history, literature and story-telling time.


For more advanced children aged 8 to 13, an introduction on different coding programmes and how they work is also featured. Feeling bored at home? Children can help an astronaut escape a space invasion with the help of coding programme Tynker or craft a fun animation on ScratchJr.  To watch Kid's Channel, simply click here.

Yahoo TV will continue to walk with Hong Kongers under any circumstances by providing what users need the most. 


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