Yahoo TV - November Update

Yahoo TV - November Update

November is perhaps the eleventh-hour equivalent: whether this means you're already in a spritely mood ready for Christmas or you can't wait for the New Year to come, Yahoo TV has got you covered with hearty home-grown programmes like "Stars at Work" and "Mean King". We've also sat at the frontlines of shows you care about like TechCrunch and local sports tournaments. So stay tuned, just because the year is ending doesn't mean the fun has to.

Yahoo TV stars "Stars at Work"

Have you seen supermodel Chrissie Chau making a shrimp volcano at a teppanyaki restaurant? Yahoo TV's home-grown programme "Stars at Work" is pulling celebrities away from the world of spotlight and glamour for a taste of everyday life. What's more, the stars will put on hats they've never assumed before and will shed their celebrity status to be sure no special treatment is given. Are you ready to see your on-screen crushes get their fingernails dirty? Tune in to Stars at Work!

Mean King tops 40 episodes in 4 months

The Kings of Mean Town continue to bring a devilish twist to the he-said-she-saids of the Hong Kong Entertainment Industry. In just four months' time, the show has topped more than 40 episodes with monthly views of more than 4.5M views. In October, it even generated more than 4.8M views. The gossip headquarters have seen representatives from all walks of life interviewed - actors, runner-ups for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, KOLs and more. Aside from juicy news from the entertainment industry, the show also invited flight attendants, make-up artists and celebrity private tutors to dish their dirt. Click here if you dare to be a Mean King!

Mean King Hits 40th Episodes

TechCrunch Goes Live

November is the month for startups: with TechCrunch events popping up in Tokyo from Nov 15 to 16 and then Shenzhen from Nov 19 to 20, viewers - tech geeks or not - are all gripping the edge of our seats for these daring innovators. And seated right at the frontlines was YahooTV's live broadcast. Tokyo's event set up a Startup Demo Booth for these dreamers to go head on head with one another with their inventions: the winner of the battle went home with 1 million yen investment fund. In the Shenzhen version, hundreds of local and international startups shared their goals and visions with investors, the media and venture capitalists. Enthusiasm was shown in Yahoo TV's live with over 700K views from 380K users in TechCrunch SZ while more than 200K views from 85K users in TechCrunch Tokyo. Watch the TechCrunch SZ replay here!

TechCrunch Tokyo/Shenzhen

The All Hong Kong School Jing Ying Table Tennis and Badminton Tournament Goes Live

Having taken place early November, The All Hong Kong School Jing Ying Table Tennis and Badminton Tournament was, too, broadcasted live by Yahoo TV. The show attracted students and sports enthusiasts, especially during the final matches of the Table Tennis Tournament between Heep Hyun School and the Good Hope School, as well as La Salle College and Diocesan Boys' School. Yahoo TV's editors also provided complementary information on the matches on top of hosting live chats with the audience at the games. In total, the four games attracted 134K views from 81K unique users on a weekday afternoon. A full replay is available on Yahoo TV.

The All Hong Kong School Jing Ying Table Tennis and Badminton Tournament Goes Live

October Highlighted Programs

Original program is the backbone of Yahoo TV and the core reason why our audience keeps coming back to visit us. Here are some of the highlight programs in last month.

YTV Top 5 Originals_October

Yahoo TV will continue to innovate and produce more premium infotainment for Hong Kong people. Stay tuned for more!