Yahoo TV Premium Program - Cooking with Doctors (醫家即煮)

Cooking with Doctors

With so many six-pack-clad workout models on social media, exercise has become a norm, and sweat and pain praised and glorified. Yet being healthy is not just about running laps or packing on weights, but it's also about clean eating, and more importantly, eating on time.

So to help our viewers achieve our New-Year-New-Me goals, Yahoo TV has brewed the homegrown program Cooking with Doctors(醫家即煮). It'll seek advices from various Chinese Medicine practitioners and nutritionists, who'll share their recipes and expertise as to the right diets for the right climates so you, too, could be a professional chef at home.

Cooking with Doctors by Yahoo TV

Totalling one-to-two minutes per episode, the show kicked off in December with Roy Tsui (徐澤昌). As a second-generation Chinese Medicine practitioners, Tsui has also won a number of awards as a fitness model and doubles as an author and personal trainer. He's often seen on media channels like TVB, Apple Daily News and HK01. In December's "Cooking with Doctors", he discussed ingredients that help us get through the frigid months, common urban issues like water-retention and dried skin, and most importantly, ways to rid festive bloating. His super-stardom attracted 470K views on average per episode .

Filling his shoes in January was nutritionist Sasa Lai (黎欣琦), who shared tips on braving the flu season, bouncing back from late-nights out, skin remedies and a healthy version of the popular budae jjigae (the Korean army stew). The series featuring Lai has garnered 520K views on average per episode.

As an expert on cancer and natural skincare – among a number of various newspaper and magazine columns in Hong Kong – Tam Li Ying (譚莉英) came on board starting February to focus on digestion – an especially crucial topic for city-goers post-CNY and Valentine's Day! In just two weeks, she captured over 455K views on average per episode.

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