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Yahoo TV Premium Program - Engadget Smart Living (智能生活教室)

Engadget Smart Living

Technology removes barriers -- we can see and talk to our loved ones around the world, we can purchase items without having to walk into brick-and-mortar stores, and we fuelled a global trend of ride hailing by going against the childhood lesson of "don't go into strangers' cars". Whilst technology has brought the world closer, it has done the same within the comfort of our homes. For instance, it's nothing novel to walk into a home with TV, game consoles, smartphones, speakers, tablets and laptops all integrated. But lighting, locks and even large appliances like refrigerators and microwaves could be added to the mix, especially thanks to the dawn of the upcoming 5G connectivity.

To get our users armed and ready to give our homes a 5G makeover, our two editors at Engadget debut a new Yahoo TV Premium Program - Engadget Smart Living (智能生活教室). Spoiler: it's set in a real home!

Viewed close to 200K times in just a week, the first episode is a 101 of AI home-ware and the three platforms – Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant, with the focus set on comparing their accessibility, compatibility, language and price points from a first-hand perspective. To know which platforms and smart home products you should go for, watch the video here.

Engadget Smart Living Ep1_HK

Episode two looks into the most attractive reason behind 5G home ware: Entertainment – from accessing individual speakers in various rooms at home, to controlling TV programs via voice commands alone. VR gaming is also discussed, with both editors expressing their anticipation for out-of-home high-definition gaming thanks to the likes of PlayStation Now and Google Stadia. This episode drew in more than 203,000 views.

Engadget Smart Living Ep2_HK

Episode three dives into the practicality of 5G home ware in a "can you spot it" game. Google Home Hub, for instance, controls most appliances at home while doubling as a Chromecast and a digital photo frame. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool is, of course, on the list, and it can be controlled not only by smartphones but also through voice commands with the help of Alexa. The Ambi Climate hub, meanwhile, turns your smartphone into a remote for your air conditioner, and it also learns your preferred temperature according to the time of the day and the humidity, in order to automatically adjust the AC for you. Even unconventional smart additions like LG's tumble dryer could be monitored via the phone, which lets you download new drying programs and check its electricity consumption.

Engadget Smart Living Ep3_HK

These videos are the brainchildren of Editor-in-Chief of Engadget Chinese Richard Lai and Hong Kong Editor Eric Chan. Aside from the 5G series, Engadget Chinese has been a well sought-after hub with more than 1.6M unique visitors and over 6M pageviews on a monthly basis. Its Facebook page is also very active, garnering around 180K followers since its inception in 2011. To date, it remains the exhaustive source for technology news and reviews, covering everything from new gear to gaming, entertainment and more.

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