Yahoo TV Premium Program - KW Wu Property (胡.說樓市)


Recently, Hong Kong is bequeathed the crown of the most expensive city to live in the world. Hong Kongers, however, may not be too happy with the recognition. Housing prices in the city have been on the rise for the past decade, with an average square feet costing HKD4,000 in 2008 and, as of last December, HKD12,500 (a jump of 212%). Our salaries, however, have not only failed to catch up to the swell, but have sadly remained relatively the same. During the same period, the average Hong Konger's earnings only went up from HKD11,000 a month to HKD17,000.

So to help you secure a roof over your heads, Yahoo Finance has teamed up with Wu Kwok Wai (胡國威), the Cable TV-veteran and renowned Property KOL, to produce 胡.說樓市 on Yahoo TV.


Beside crunching numbers, the show also keeps it fun with topics like buying and renting tactics such as ways to detect whether your home or home-to-be is haunted and what to do after finding out; tips on conducting air and water leak tests; home-deco inspiration and even recommendations for home appliances. Its "2018 Countdown of mini-apartments", for instance, garnered nearly 570K viewers in the first month it broadcasted.

Since its debut in 2017, the program has accumulated more than 90 episodes of three-to-four-minute videos and remains on top of our popularity charts, seeing an average of 450K views per episode. A key source of the show's popularity is the host, Cable TV-veteran and social-media guru Wu Kwok Wai (胡國威), the mastermind behind the show's hot property deals, tactics as well as commentary on government's housing policies, outrageous nano-layouts and payment plans -- all spun in a fun and easily digestible manner.


Joining Wu on the program are regular guest speakers from property agencies and consultancies, such as Centaline Property(中原地產) and Gale Well Group(紀惠集團), to help our audiences understand the labyrinth that is mortgage and loan methods; as well as interior designers to offer inspiration on turning a flat into a home.

He's also joined by Tsim Chai Nam (詹濟南), who visits new flats to ensure no shoddy workmanship gets past his keen eye, with suggestions of areas where owners should pay special attention. As the first registered inspector in the city, Tsim's trademark red polo shirt, blue jeans and sneakers carry a stamp of approval and honesty.

Let us help you land your dream home and stay tuned!

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