Ad Formats

Case study: Brand Stories for Mercedes


Brand awareness

The German luxury car manufacturer wanted to increase the brand awareness and reputation of its plug-in hybrid models, the cornerstone of the company's commitment to its EQ technology, the "intelligent electric mobility" of Mercedes Benz. For the launch campaign, they chose Verizon Media's innovative Brand Stories as an ideal solution to present their new GLA, CLA and A-Class vehicles in a mobile, premium environment with the elegance the brand required


Sustainability and innovation, a winning bet

Mercedes Benz's commitment to sustainability is central to its EQ range, a proposal that combines driving pleasure, design, safety and comfort with a commitment to the environment. To publicise the range of vehicles that have "intelligent electric mobility", they wanted to take advantage of the benefits of the mobile, but without neglecting the impact of a large format. AMQ, an agency that is always committed to innovation, creativity a a comprehensive design of customer experience, chose, together with Mercedes Benz, Verizon Media's recently launched Brand Stories, becoming the first to use this solution in Spain.

Verizon Media's Brand Stories are a mobile branding solution that look like the well known social media stories, but is set in a premium environment. They constitute an immersive experience that combine different visual elements, from video and short texts, to surveys, questionnaires and purchase modules, allowing the advertiser to create a unique user experience. The format reuses the creative content that brands publish on social networks to reach premium publishers.


A better experience, more engagement

The ability to customise its functionalities to offer a different user experience, as well as to provide an elegant and highly visual framework in a premium environment, in accordance with the brand's needs, were determining factors in the choice of this format, which reaped excellent results in terms of engagement. Thus, the interaction rate reached 5%, and the display time was 58 seconds.