How App Install can help you capture your clients’ attention and mind on mobile

Woman using their mobile device

Mobile devices are engaging us like never before, with the average person spending 3.7 hours per day on their mobile in 2019, up 27% since 2017 (App Annie, State of Mobile 2020). A staggering 200bn apps were downloaded worldwide in 2019, up 45% since 2016, driven by categories that satisfy our daily habits and passions, including Home Entertainment, Gaming, Food Delivery, Social Media, Rideshares, Personal Finance and so on. 

Whilst it’s easy to point out the importance of having an app presence on a consumer’s device, getting there in the first place, let alone staying there, is another matter. With an estimated 5 million active apps across Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, it’s increasingly hard to stand out from the competition. If you can clear the first hurdle of driving an install, you may then counter usage problems - 1 in 4 users abandon an app after their first use, whilst only 5% of users are willing to part with their money on in-app purchases. A successful app-install marketing strategy depends on driving good retention not just top-line installs.

With this in mind Verizon Media is excited to announce the launch of App-Install capabilities in EMEA, across both the Native Marketplace and the DSP. For clients wanting to capture a share of time, mind and wallet on mobile, Verizon Media App-Install Ads drive user acquisition and retention by targeting those who are likely to use the app.

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